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Соединенные-ШтатыWest Palm Beach 

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CrossFit 1401 is the fitness hub of south Florida. We offer a variety of specialty classes and seminars including CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics and Strongman. Our dedicated team of certified Coaches have the experience and knowledge to help you on your fitness journey! We are located right in the heart of the warehouse district and are focused on building up our community.


Соединенные-Штаты, West Palm Beach 

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Who We are Are you ready to get fit and have fun doing it? Our goal at west palm athletics is to help you find and grow your love for fitness. We strive to help you achieve your fitness goals, safely and while having fun! Whether your goal is to lose some belly fat, tone up, or compete at an elite level, we have the program for you! West Palm Athletics is a fully functional fitness center. We offer a variety of programs put together by a core group of professional and specialty coaches. Our coaching staff is positive, supportive and full of knowledge. We have a strong sense of community and our members are eager to learn and encouraging to anyone who walks through the door! There is no experience necessary to join our facility. We provide skill development and beginner classes, or one on one sessions to get you started. We believe in the quality of movement and technique. In doing so, the long-term result is longevity with a healthy, fit body! Why choose our facility? We believe we are set apart from other facilities not only because of our 6,000 sq ft facilty but also because of what we provide when you walk inside. We have highly certified and educated coaches who love what they do. We have an in house massage therapist and kids room. We are CrossFit 1401, home of West Palm Barbell Club, home of Gymnastixfit, and run daily boot camp style classes and strongman training. Our specialty is that we truly have something for everyone. If you would like more information please send us an email at info@crossfit1401.com We look forward to hearing from you!

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