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Жим стоячи

Складність: Average

Жим штанги стоячи - базова вправа для тренування сили плечей не тільки в Кроссфіті, але і в фітнесі важкій атлетиці та бодібілдингу. Це одне з небагатьох вправ на плечі  завдяки котрій можна побудувати міцний масив м’язів.



How to Do a Shoulder Press


- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart (or slightly narrower), and grab the bar with a grip that is slightly wider than shoulder-width grip. Make sure to wrap your thumbs around the bar. To get the bar into position, you can either explosively heave it up off the floor and up to your shoulders—a motion called a clean—or simply set the bar at shoulder-level on the supports of a power rack before loading weight on.


- Once you have the bar in your hands, make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together, fire your abs to stabilize your core, and push your chest out.


- Begin pressing the bar overhead, making sure to move your head back slightly as you lift the bar in front of your face. When the bar passes your head, press it up and slightly backward so that it it's vertically aligned with the back of your head. Hold at the top for a moment, then lower the bar back to your shoulders. That’s one rep.

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