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Підтягування (PU)

Складність: Lung

Підтягування - це одна з базових вправ не тільки в Кроссфіті, але і в спорті в цілому, майже кожен спортсмен повинен вміти виконувати підтягування. Вони допомагають розвинути не тільки силу м'язів спини і рук, але так само допомагають отримати красивий  торс, використовуючи при цьому один лише снаряд.



How to do Pull-Ups:


- Start With Jumping Pull-Ups Find a pull-up bar, or any bar that is easily reachable. You should be able to grasp it with your feet on the floor; if the bar’s too high, stand on a plyo box or bench to start. Bend your knees slightly and jump up to launch yourself off the ground, then use your upper body to pull your chin over the bar. Use only as much leg strength as is needed to launch off the ground—really try to complete the movement with the upper body. Do three sets of 15-20 reps.


- Progress To Isometric Holds If your gym has an assisted pull-up machine, that’s a great tool to help get you to the real deal; just make sure you’re using only the minimum weight you need to help you get your chin over the bar, says Donavanik. No machine? Do these isometric holds instead: Jump up, using as little force as needed to launch yourself up, and hold your chin above the bar for two to five seconds. Slowly lower to stand on floor. As you get stronger, “try to let the upper body take over more and more,” advises Donavanik. Do three to four sets of six to eight reps.


- Try A Pull-Up Once you’ve mastered isometric holds using very little force to jump up, a regular pull-up should be a natural progression. To get even stronger, Donavanik recommends doing drop sets. Do one full pull-up, then a few jumping pull-ups. ("By this time you should need minimal leg assistance, so don’t rely too heavily on the launch phase,” he says.) Work your way up to doing more pull-ups and fewer jumping pull-ups. To start, do four sets of one pull-up and five jumping pull-ups. Rest for three minutes between sets.

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