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Присідання на одній нозі

Складність: Average

Присідання на одній нозі це та вправа яка допоможе вам повноцінно пропрацювати ноги в умовах коли немає можливості використовувати обтяження. Крім розвитку сили, вправу буде корисно використовувати для розвитку координації і функціоналу тіла.


How to do One Leg Sqaut:


- Stand with arms extended out in front.

- Balance on one leg with opposite leg extended straight leg forward as high as possible.

- Squat down as far as possible while keeping leg elevated off of floor.

- Keep back straight and supporting knee pointed same direction as foot supporting.

- Raise body back up to original position until knee and hip of supporting leg is straight.

- Repeat and continue with opposite leg.


Some tips:


- Supporting knee should point same direction as foot throughout movement. Range of motion will be improved with greater leg strength and glute flexibility. Also known as Pistol Squats.

- Significant spinal flexion occurs at bottom of deep single leg squat to maintain center of gravity over foot. In which case, Erector Spinae would act as a synergist instead of a stabilizer.

- Weighted versions of this exercise would normally be considered auxiliary in context of other basic exercises (ie: Barbell Squat, Sled Leg Press). However, in the context of 'body weight' only program, this exercise can be considered basic. This exercise is one of the most difficult exercises, even for advanced exercisers. Easier versions of this movement include partial reps or self assistance on horizontal bar, from raised rear leg, or with one leg wrapped behind supporting leg. Other squatting or split squat movements can also be performed. Self-assisted Single Leg Squat (leg wrapped) Self-assisted Single Leg Squat (bar) Leg Raised Back Single Leg Split Squat

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