Ривок двох гирь

Складність: Technically Complex

«Ривок двох гирь» - це технічно складна вправа, яку рекомендується виконувати тільки досвідченим атлетам, перед виконанням даної вправи рекомендується освоїти ривок гирі однією рукою, причому і лівою і правою. А після приступати до вивчення ривка двох гирь.



The technique of performing the exercise:

Double Kettlebell Santch is a technically difficult exercise, which  is recommended to perform to only experienced athletes. Before performing this exercise, it is recommended to master the snatch with one hand, both left and right. And then start to practice this exercise.


Initial position:        

- The feet are parallel to each other (a small turn is possible outside - up to 30 degrees).

- Take a kettlebell in each hand. Kettlebells are located at a distance of 30-40 centimeters from the big toes (It is necessary for the most effective lifting of dumbbells from the platform and performing a correct swing).

- The body is slightly tilted forward, knees slightly bent, weight is on the heels. 

- The back is flat, the chest is open and straightened forward.


Performing the exercise:      

- Make a small swing with kettlebells back.

- Using rapid movement, make a pelvic bend, giving inertia to the weights.

- With the help of the received inertia we throw the weights to overhead. As the kettlebells pass your chest start rotating so that the kettlebells will be put into position to punch through at the top.

- Return the kettlebells into starting position (hanging position) and without losing inertia, perform the following repetition.

- The back remains flat throughout the movement.



- Keep a slightly loose grip to avoid tearing your hands or calluses. By starting the movement with a proud chest and shoulders higher than hips you set yourself up for a strong double snatch.



- Perform with caution with diseases or injuries of the upper humeral girdle and cervicothoracic.

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