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Складність: Середній складності

Кластер - це вправа яке включає в себе відразу дві складних вправи з Кроссфіт арсеналу. Перша це класичні взяття на груди, а друге це Трастер (викиди). Виконуючи кластери, ви зможете використовувати переваги цих двох вправ і тим самим в рази підвищити ефективність своїх тренувань.

Barbell, Barbell plate


The technique of performing the exercise:

Cluster is an exercise that includes two complex exercises from Crossfit. The first is regular clean of the barbell, and second is thruster. Performing clusters, you can take advantage of these two exercises and thus at times increase the effectiveness of your training.

Initial position:        

- Feet shoulder width apart.

- Weight is on the heels.

- Bar in front of the shins

- Back arched (good lumbar curve)

- Hips above knees

- Your shoulders «cover» the bar.

- Arms locked out

- Hook grip.

- Hands just outside of the knees


Performing the exercise:      

- Accelerate through the heels to full hip and leg extension

- Extend legs while hips and shoulders move simultaneously

- Shrug with straight arms. Once hips, legs and shoulders are fully extended, utilize slight arm pull.

- Retreat under bar and land in a full front squat.

- From the front squat position immediately drive up explosively and use that momentum to press the bar.

- Bar travels straight up, head accommodates bar.

- Lock out directly overhead with active shoulders.

- Every repetition starts from the floor.



- With caution, perform with trauma or destructive changes in the spine and knee joints.

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