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Взяття штанги на груди (CLN)

Взяття штанги на груди
Складність: Середній складності

Взяття штанги на груди - це вправа прийшла в Кроссфіт з Важкою Атлетики, яка допомагає розвинути не тільки силові і швидкісні характеристики організму, але і так само наростити м'язову масу верхньої та нижньої частини тіла, так як в цілому вправа вважається базовою і залучає до роботи великі м'язові групи.

Barbell, Barbell plate


The technique of performing the exercise:

The Clean came to Crossfit from Weightlifting, which allows to develop not only power and speed characteristics of body, but also build muscles of the opper and lower body. The exercise is considered basic and involves large muscle groups.


Initial position:       

- Stand with your mid-foot under the bar. Put your heels hip-width apart. The barbell is on the floor, its bar passes through the center of the foot, being as close to the shins as possible.

 - Lower your hips with the weight focused on the heels, back straight, head facing forward, chest up, with your shoulders just in front of the bar.  

- The width of the grip is defined as follows: grip the bar in that way, which allows the distance from the thigh to the palm be the length of the thumb in the vertical position.

- Take an overhand (or hook) grip.


Performing the exercise:      

- Pull the weight off the floor by driving through the heels, extending your knees.  This phase in similar to deadlift.

- Keep the bar close to you – it slides along the body throughout the exercise.

- Move the weight with control as you continue to above the knees.

- As the bar approaches the mid-thigh position, begin extending through the hips. It is necessary to perform a powerful leap, giving the barbell maximum acceleration.

- In a jumping motion, accelerate by extending the hips, knees, and ankles, using speed to move the bar upward. Go out on your toes, put your shoulders up and turn your hands on. The pelvis at the same time moves forward, and the upper part of the trunk moves backward.

- As full extension is achieved, transition into aggressively shrugging and flexing the arms with the elbows up and out. At peak extension, aggressively pull yourself down, rotating your elbows under the bar. Receive the bar in a front squat position.

- The elbows should be brought forward, and the bar should be taken in the palm of your hand.

- Do not overstay at the lowest point, keep the torso upright and elbows up. Continue until you have risen to a standing position.

- The bar should be racked onto the protracted shoulders, lightly touching the throat with the hands relaxed.



- With caution, perform with trauma or destructive changes in the spine and knee joints.