Взяття штанги на груди та жим стоячи

Взяття штанги на груди, Жими
Складність: Середній складності

Головною відмінністю «Взяття на груди і жиму штанги стоячи» від класичного варіанта виконання «Взяття на груди і поштовх штанги стоячи» полягає в тому що штангу потрібно вижати над головою використовуючи переважно силу плечей та трицепсів. Дана вправа складається з двох окремих рухів, перше це взяття штанги на груди і безпосередньо жим штанги стоячи. Для кращого результату їх рекомендується тренувати окремо а після поєднувати в одну вправу.



The technique of performing the exercise:

The main difference between «Clean To Overhead Press» and regular «Clean and Jerk» is that the bar should be pressed over the head by using only shoulders and triceps. This exercise consists of two movements, the first is the clean and directly strict press. It is recommended to practice this movements separately, and after combine them into one exercise for the best result.


Initial position:        

- Stand with your mid-foot under the bar.

- Put your heels hip-width apart.

- Bend your knees, lower your hips and  take an overhand (hook) grip.

- Arms straight, back straight, head facing forward, chest up, with your shoulders just in front of the bar.


Performing the exercise:      

- Pull the barbell off the ground by keeping your chest up and extending your legs, arms straight and feet flat on the ground.  The speed of the bar smoothly increases, and the bar moves very close to the shins.

- Cross the barbell over your knees. And then, the torso and hips start extending to continue pulling the barbell in a vertical motion. The barbell has to touch your thigh as you extend the hips.

- The top pull – a forceful, powerful movement to accelerate the bar. This is done at the expense of the muscles of the back and legs, it must be "explosive".

- After this, drive the barbell upward as you throw your chest up and shrug your shoulders. This movement causes a short, quick jump to continue the vertical movement of the barbell.

- Drop your hips into a squat position. The arms will act to pull you under the barbell and will bend slightly.

- Keep your back straight while squatting.

- The pelvis is pulled back, the hips are pinned to the stomach.

- Immediately get up, keep your torso upright. Catch the barbell in the rack position where the bar sets on the top of your chest and shoulders. Elbows are led forward beyond the bar line, arms are not tense, legs are wider than the shoulders.

- Stand up out of the squat and keep the barbell in the racked position. The look is directed up-and-forth.

- Then press the barbell to overhead position using shoulders strength only. Do not give the bar any momentum.



With caution, perform with trauma or destructive changes in the spine and knee joints.

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