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Складність: Просте

Бурпі - це комплексна вправа яке використовується не тільки в Кроссфіт але і в багатьох інших видах спорту, де необхідно розвивати як силу так  і витривалість. Бурпі складається з трьох окремих вправ з'єднаних воєдино, а саме з: повітряних присідань, віджимань від підлоги і вистрибування.


The technique of performing the exercise:

Burpee is a complex exercise which is used not only in Crossfit but in many other sports, where development and strength and endurance are necessary. This exercise is designed specifically for these purposes. Burpy consists of three separate exercises connected together, namely: air squats, push-ups and jumps.

 Initial position:   

- The body is standing upright; the legs are shoulder-width apart.

 Performing the exercise:   

- Bend over or squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of your feet.

- Jump both feet back and take a plank position.

- Touch the floor by your chest.

- Push up to return to plank position.

- Jump the feet back in toward the hands.

- Jump into the air, reaching your arms straight overhead.

- Return to starting position.

You can also jump forward instead of jumping up, pushing from the floor with two legs at the same time.


Bodybuilding / Fitness:

- It is allowed both touch the floor by your chest or not.


- Push-ups don’t have to be done «strict», but  it is necessary to touch the floor with chest and hips.

- At the top point, the entire body should be in an upright position, and clapping has to be performed above or behind the head.


- After the push-up, bringing your toes to palms, place the feet on the hips width or wider. This will reduce the amplitude of motion and reduce the load on the knee joints.


In case of  diseases or injuries of the lumbar spine perform with care.