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Підтягування горизонтальні

Складність: Просте

Підтягування горизонтальні - це відмінна вправа яке широко використовується в багатьох видах спорту, для опрацювання м'язів спини. Дана вправа добре підходить для розвитку найширших м'язів спини, біцепсів і передпліч.

Pull-up bar


The technique of performing the exercise:

Body Row is an upper-body exercise, which is used  in many sports. This exercise is well suited for the development of the widest muscles of the back, biceps and forearms. The body row is an excellent upper body exercise and useful for those wanting to progress to full bodyweight pull-ups as it uses the same muscle groups.

 Initial position:   

- Set the bar to the waist height with the feet resting on the ground.

- Grip a bar approximately the width of the shoulders.

- Maintain a straight line with the body.

 Performing the exercise:   

- Squeeze the shoulder blades together and pull your chest up to the bar.

- Return into the starting position.

 Tips & Tricks:

 Beginners may bend the knees and use more of the heels to help push up to the top of the exercise, or change the height of the bar (higher) increasing the angle between the body and the floor. You can also use rings, if you don’t have any bar.


It is allowed to grip the bar from above and grip from below are allowed for versatile treatment of the muscles of the hands and back.

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