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Жим штанги лежачи (BP)

Складність: Просте

Жим штанги лежачи - одна з базових вправ, найбільш підходящих для розвитку мускулатури тіла.  Жим штанги лежачи є ключовою вправою в розвитку м'язів верхньої частини тіла, і формування сильної грудної клітини. Виконувати жим штанги лежачи, найкраще з асистентом, який допоможе здолати вагу в скрутну хвилину.

Barbell, Barbell plate, Bench, Racks


The technique of performing the exercise:

Bench press is one of the basic movement of the most suitable for the development of the musculature of the body. The barbell bench press is done as an upper body lift, which targets the pectoralis muscles.  Use a partner for safe execution, which will help to overcome weight in a struggling moment.

 Initial position:  

- Lie down on a bench.

- Pull your shoulder blades together and down

- Grasp the bar  with a grip a little wider than shoulder width. The grip must be closed.

- Shoulders and hips should fit snugly against the bench throughout the movement, loin slightly bent.

- On every push, drive your feet into the floor.

 Performing the exercise:  

- Unrack the bar

- The arms in elbows should be straightened.

- Take a breath and begin to lower the bar to your chest until you touch the chest.

- After a short pause start to push the weight up to the starting position.



 Bodybuilding / Fitness:

- Do not empty your lungs in the bottom position. Exhale once you’ve locked the weight over your shoulders.

- Lower the bar to your mid-chest – the middle of your breastbone (sternum). The width of the grip should be such that at the bottom point the forearm amplitudes are perpendicular to the floor.

- The width of the grip and the point of touching the bar depend on the purpose of the exercise and which muscles we need to be loaded.

- Don’t Bench Press with a flat back. But don’t over-arch either. Get a natural arch in your lower back.

- Use a partner for safety.

- No bouncing the bar off your chest.

- To maximize the development of pectoral muscles you can avoid full extension in the elbow joints in the upper point.


- Don’t Bench Press with a flat back. But don’t over-arch either. Get a natural arch in your lower back.

Common mistakes:

- Don’t raise your heels.

- Don’t raise your hips.


- You can bench with a flat back with caution if you have trauma or chronic diseases of the lumbar and cervical spine.