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Пресс зі штангою (Сітап-пресс)

Складність: Середній складності

Сітапи - підйоми тулуба лежачи на прес, в даній варіації вправи для ускладнення завдання використовується штанга. Такий тип виконання допоможе додатково навантажити м'язи верхньої частини тіла, і підвищити навантаження на прес порівняно з класичними сітапами.

Barbell, Barbell plate


The technique of performing the exercise:

Sit-Ups is lifting your upper body from the floor (or from the bench) and up toward the thighs. In this exercise, to increase the load, we use the weight (the barbell).  This way of performing will additionally load the muscles of the upper body.


Initial position:

- Position feet under foot pad and lie supine on flat or incline bench.

- Pull barbell from floor or grasp from rack behind with overhand grip.

- Position barbell over chest with shoulder width or slightly wider grip.


 Performing the exercise:

- Raise torso from bench as high as possible by bending waist and hips. Keep weight positioned above shoulders.

Return to original lying posture with back of shoulders contacting padded incline board.

- Repeat the exercise


- Keep your arms straightened in order to relieve the strain from the muscles of your hands.

- At the top point, the body and hands must be in line.

- To maximize the correct performance of the exercise, develop mobility of the shoulder joints.



- Hernias / lumbar injuries in the presence of hyperlordosis.

- Injuries of the shoulder joint.

- Osteochondrosis of the cervico-thoracic region at the stage of exacerbation.

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