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Віджимання на брусах

Складність: Lung

Віджимання на брусах - одне з кращих базових багатосуглобових вправ, для розвитку м'язів грудей, плечей і трицепсів. Дуже добре підходить як для початківців так і для досвідчених атлетів.

Якщо ви впевнено віджимаєтеся більше 20-и раз, саме час підвищити складність виконання вправи і скористатися додатковим обтяженням.


The technique of performing the exercise:

Dips is one of the best basic bodyweight exercises for developing muscles of chest, shoulders and triceps. It is great both for beginners and experienced athletes.

If you can do 20 dips or more, you can increase complexity by using additional weights.

 Initial position: 

- Grab the bars and jump up. Balance yourself with locked elbows.

- Starting from the bottom position is very risky. Starting from the top point allows the muscles to contract and get ready for work.


 Performing the exercise: 

- Lower your body by bending your arms. Lean your torso slightly forward. It is important to resist gravity on the way down, otherwise, you can damage the pectoral muscle.

- Go down until your shoulders are below your elbows at the bottom. Then lift your body back up to the starting position by straightening your arms.


 If you lack the strength to do a single Dip, do negatives. Skip the way up for now and only do the way down on which you’re stronger. Grab the dip bars, jump up and straighten your arms. Lower yourself slowly until your shoulders are below your elbows. Then put your feet on the floor and jump back on the dip bars with straight arms. When you can do 10 negatives with proper form, you can do one Dip.



Bodybuilding / Fitness:

There are two ways to perform dips on the uneven bars. The first is when your elbows are directed backwards  while lowering down, and the body is tilted forward. This type of dips loads the triceps arm muscle. On the way up, it is necessary to concentrate on extending the arms at the expense of the triceps arm muscle.

The second is when your elbows are directed aside, and the body is vertical. This option helps to shift the load to the pectoral muscles.


Injuries and chronic diseases of the shoulder joint.


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