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Заднє сальто

Складність: Technically Complex

Сальто назад, одне з трьох основних сальто в акробатиці. Воно вважається найпростішим з можливих, хоча трохи небезпечніше ніж його співбрати, переднє та бокове сальто. Може виконуватися як з місця, так і під час руху.

Сальто це те вправа, навчившись якій ви можете пишатися відмінною координацією руху, і використовувати його у своїх тренуваннях урізноманітнив їх акробатичними трюками.


The technique of performing Backflip:

Backflip is one of the three basic movements of acrobatics.  It is considered to be the simplest possible, although a little more dangerous than the front and side flips. It can be performed both from a place and in motion.

If you know how to do a back flip, then you can be proud of the excellent coordination of movement and use it in your trainings diversifying them with acrobatic tricks.

 - You have to get up, raise your arms above your head, but you can also make a swing from the position with your hands from below.

- Bend your knees. It’s not necessary to bend it too much. This should allow you to bounce off well. Hands down and slightly backwards for bigger acceleration of the swing of hands.

 - Make a powerful push with your feet up and simultaneously make a swing up with your hands. The most important thing  is raising your head after pushing  and to throwing back as far as possible. Thanks to this flip will be faster.

 - You need to get up on socks to make a more powerful flip.

- After pushing up with your legs and swinging with your hands you have to stretch out as high as possible thereby the flip will be higher. But don’t stretch out too long, otherwise you will just jump up.

- After the bounce, you have to immediately take the grouping and twist back. During the entire flip, the head should be kept in the same position - turning back. If you press down your chin to your knees, you will not be able to finish the twist.

- The main thing is to be ungrouped in time.  Groupment has to be done after seeing the floor and your body is parallel to the ground.

- Focus on landing gently to avoid injury. You have to land on slightly bent legs in the knees, on  your toes.  Your knees can be hurt with landing on straight legs or not landing on your toes. 

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