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Гіперекстензія на тренажері GHD

Складність: Просте

Гіперекстензія представляє собою розгинання тулуба до горизонтального положення, виконується на тренажері GHD або будь-якому схожому тренажері. Використовується для навантаження сідничних м'язів, задньої поверхні стегна, м'язів спини і клубово-поперекового м'яза.



The technique of performing GHD Back Extensions:

 GHD Back Extension is an extension of the torso to a horizontal position, performing on Glute Ham Developer (GHD) or any similar equipment. GHD Back Extensions is a great exercise for targeting the gluteus muscles, hamstrings and lower back.


 Initial position:

- The first thing you need to do is to set up the GHD Extension machine. It has to be facedown.

- Adjust the heel pad so that your ankles will be secure. Adjust the height of the hip pad so that at the top position, your hip is at the front of the pad and that your upper back will be aligned with your lower back and heels.

 - Cross your arms in front of your chest or behind the head в замке (if your shoulders have enough mibility).


 Performing the exercise:  

 - Lower your body under control until the point where your upper back and lower back are at a 90 degree to the floor.

 - Extend your body upward until it is slightly above parallel to the floor. You should feel a contraction on your glutes, hamstrings and lower back at the top position.



 - Don’t let rounding out the upper back.

 - Perform the exercise smoothly without jerking at the bottom and top points.

- If you use any weight, place it on your chest with arms crossed.

- Don’t overbend your neck looking up – you have to look forward instead.


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