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Підйом каменя Атлас на плечі

Складність: Technically Complex

Підйом каменю Атлас на плечі, є однією з основних вправ в силових видах спорту. Підйом каменя Атлас зі сторони біомеханіки руху,  аналогічно взяття колоди на груди, але має велику складність через незручну форму каменя. У зв'язку з цим атлетам доводиться розвивати хорошу чіпкість хвата.



The technique of performing Atlas Stone Ground to Shoulder:

 Atlas Stone Ground to Shoulder is one of the basic movements in power sports. Atlas Stone Ground to Shoulder by biomechanics of motion is analogous to log clean, but has great difficulty due to the inconvenient shape of the stone. Thereby athletes have to develop a good strong grip.


 Initial position and performing:

- The first phase of the exercise is the same to the deadlift exercise - lifting is performed with a straight back due to the muscles of the legs and back.

- Raise the stone and put it on your hips. Once the stone moves past the knees you now want to move the feet closer together and sit the stone down in your lap. Then try to cuddle up to the stone as tightly as possible with the whole body.

- Then you need to stand up by making a powerful extension of the body. Pull the stone up as fast as possible while keeping it tight to your chest.

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