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Online Training programs (workout routines)

A training program is a systematic, consistent set of workouts (a list of workouts), designed for a specific goal and a certain level of athlete (beginner or experienced). According to the discipline of fitness or sports, the training plan will differ in the content, variety of exercises, and their cyclic nature.

CrossFit training program comes with CrossFit Inc. recommendations (CrossFit guide level 1), which will provide a balanced load on the whole body and offer ideal time for rest and recovery. CrossFit program - a sequence of CrossFit complexes (WOD) designed in a special order, according to the goals, rules and common sense. The result of training according to the chosen workout plan (muscle mass gaining, fat burning, weight loss, general physical health) will depend on regular visits, a systematic and balanced training plan, taking into account individual physical, psychological characteristics and your nutrition!

Training programs for men and women are unified and have same structure. In training women perform the same exercises and repetitions as men, but use lower weight.

training programs are developed:

  • for beginners (Newbie) who are just starting to master crossfit;
  • for people who keep fit (Begginer and Intermediate levels);
  • for experienced athletes;
  • for athletes who take part in competitions (Advanced and Expert) (special programs).

program is a sequence of crossfit workouts (WODs) drawn up in a special order, taking into account the goals set, rules and common sense.

The training program consists of 38 WOD with a large predominance of short strength training, excluding completely cardio load. This training plan is suitable, if your goal is to increase strength and gain weight at the expense of endurance. The training plan combines strength training and short “heavy” crossfit workouts. Basic exercises with large weights for a small number of repetitions prevail, which is the main condition for the development of strength and weight (muscle mass) gaining. This program offers technically difficult weightlifting exercises, so make sure to consult with th...

Crossfit Gym CrossFit Impulse
CrossFit Impulse
  • Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)
  • Build Muscle

The training program is ideal for beginners. Most of the plan consists of gymnastic workouts with own weight and does not require additional items to perform. The exercises themselves are very simple and probably you have been familiar with them for a long time, so it is not necessary to have special knowledge to workout on this plan. With this program, you do not need to be in the gym when training, you can perform training in any convenient place.

  • Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)
  • Fitness

Workout Plan

10.0 / 10

Want to lose weight fast? Then this training plan is what you need. The main focus of this plan is on cardio workouts and a large number of repetitions. Due to this, the program is highly intensive and allows you to get yourself in shape in the shortest possible time. The lion's share of the complexes is gymnastic workouts with own weight, which allows you to workout with minimal sports equipment.

  • Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)
  • Performance

План, для аматоров CrossFit План для тренировок в зале с использованием упражнений на силу и выносливость, состоящая в основном из аэробных упражнений, гимнастики (упражнения с весом собственного тела) и тяжёлой атлетики, для людей которые имеют слабую или среднюю базовую подготовку, с целью поддержания и увеличиния физической формы.

Crossfit Gym CrossFit Torch
CrossFit Torch
  • Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)
  • Increase Strength

WODCAT Training

8.0 / 10

План для тренировок в зале с использованием упражнений на силу и выносливость, состоящая в основном из аэробных упражнений, гимнастики (упражнения с весом собственного тела) и тяжёлой атлетики, для людей которые имеют среднюю или высокую базовую подготовку с целью подготовки к соревнованиям по CrossFit

CROSSFIT Equipment Reebok
  • Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)
  • Increase Strength

The training program can be performed in any convenient place - at home, on the street or on vacation. The main advantage is that you need minimum equipment, which in case of its absence you can replace with the improvised items. Also, this program promotes regularity in implementation, because you can workout at a time convenient for you. Training consists of easy-to-do exercises that even a newbie can perform. Kettlebells or balls with sand are usually used as weights in training, but you can replace them with bottles of water, a cat or something else.

  • Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)
  • Fitness

The training program and plan are developed individually according to the crossfit athlete’s goal. Each crossfit workout is unique and depends on your abilities and needs. WODCAT website offers the training plans for the following purposes:

Fat Loss – crossfit training programs for weight loss. The important feature of these workout programs is the increase in the number of cardio loads and the implementation of tasks with a large number of repetitions. Fat burning (weight loss) training usually takes a longer time than other workouts, and its duration starts from 40 minutes and longer.

Muscle – training programs for muscle mass increase. The training performs exercises with weight above average, a small number of repetitions and short duration.

Strength – power-building training programs. Strength training programs are designed for strength building only, while other criteria such as endurance and versatility are not required.

Performance – special and preparatory crossfit training plans, which help to develop certain qualities, required in a particular sports – for MMA fighters, Boxers, Soccer Players, Racers.

The program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.