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CrossFit IronSpider

United StatesSalem 

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It is our mission to transform the lives of our members by inspiring and supporting lifelong personal fitness and success through accessible, experienced coaching in a diverse, welcoming community. We want to empower all of our members to reach beyond their expectations and do things they never thought were possible.


United States, Salem 

90 Leavitt Street

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Programs Getting Started 3-2-1 GO! 1. Give us a call and make an appointment to stop in and talk to an IronSpider Coach. 2. Take the IronSpider On-Ramp program and learn the Crossfit basics. Only $50! 3. Talk to your On-Ramp Coach and decide what IronSpider Membership package works best for you and your fitness goals. GO! You are now an IronSpider athlete and a big part of our community. Now you can work out during any of our scheduled IronSpider Classes. IronSpider Classes IronSpider Classes is where our community gets "it" done. Most classes include a warm up, Strength of the Day, Skill of the Day, the WOD (Workout of the Day), and a cool down. An IronSpider Coach will help the athletes learn about their movement patterns and push the athletes to the next level. Classes are constantly varied and modified for all levels. On-Ramp Our IronSpider On-Ramp is designed to give the first-timer all of the basics that they will need to begin IronSpider Classes. This 6 week program is 2 classes a week and starts at the beginning of every month. Please call Coach Dennis Floyd to sign up for the next On-Ramp. Personal Training Personal training is for the Crossfit athlete who would like to bring their training to a new level or maybe work on perfecting a skill. We also offer personal training to people who enjoy One-on-One training. Please call Coach Dennis Floyd to set up your personal training appointment. IronSpider Running IronSpider running is for athletes who are looking to become better runners. This class runs 2 twice a week. The program is designed for all levels and will include a base phase, power phase, interval phase, repetition phase, as well as form adjustment. The training phase that the class is working on will depend on the season and weather. Classes will be held inside when the weather is not favorable


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