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Crossfit app Dasboard
Analyze - Dashboard

Get full and detailed information about the completed training process

The dashboard displays all important information, statistics on completed workouts, a chronology of changes in body measurements and an overall physical condition level

Workout Database (WOD)

WOD workouts database with the most user-friendly and detailed search engine.

In our list of workouts WOD you can find a great variety of tested WODs with no duplicates. You will easily find the WOD you need filtering by a wide range of parameters. You can use most popular tags for searching: Crossfit games, HERO wod, Girls WOD, mobility WOD

Crossfit Wod list
Crossfit workout results
Compare - Leaderboard

Besides training and recording the results, now you can compete with your friends from your box, city or country.

You can compare yourself with the whole world.

Plan - Calendar - Remote Coaching

Handy and user-friendly tool to plan your WODs.

Now you can organize your training plan easily, and have a handy WOD diary. Calendar is a convenient and user-friendly tool for programming the training. Now you can simply and easily plan your training program with a very convenient training journal.

Crossfit training plans
Schedules for gyms
Schedule for gyms

Easily create your club's schedule and embed the widget on your website

The WODCAT service provides you with a unique opportunity to use a convenient system for managing the club's work schedule for free. You do not need to additionally hire programmers or dispatchers to create and adjust the schedule on the site. Now it is possible to easily generate a timetable in the WODCAT application, post it on your website and subsequently change it just as easily. WODCAT will make sure that it is automatically updated on the club's website. It should be noted that it is absolutely free and takes no more than 10 minutes of time.

WhiteBoard for recording workouts

Add interactive to your site, connect your club's online board

The Whiteboard utility is a great way to add interactivity to your gym website if you are running a training program in the WODCAT application, and club visitors record the results in our system. We generate an interactive copy of your whiteboard in the gym, where all athletes and coaches can track the results of training and competition.

Crossfit Wod list
Schedules for gyms
Creation of divisions

Divide competitors into groups

Are more than 40 participants expected in the competitions organized by you? WODCAT will allow you to divide them into separate divisions, assign separate tasks to each group of competitors and determine the cost of participation! Using the event management service from WODCAT frees the organizer from routine work.

Сreating tasks

Define tasks for your competitions

For each group of competitors, a separate list of tasks for the competition is created. You can use any WOD from the WODCAT database or create your own unique task with explanations, execution rules and links to video examples. WODCAT allows you to change the order of tasks, as well as determine the date when tasks will become available for viewing to all users of the site, before the date of publication of the task, they will not be available for viewing.

Crossfit Wod list
Schedules for gyms
Member Management

Get complete statistics on the participants

WODCAT will provide you with separate lists of participants for each category. Automation through the WODCAT application greatly simplifies event management compared to using regular Google forms or spreadsheets. The data is displayed in a more convenient form.

Final table of results

Without any effort, get a beautiful table with the results

Based on the created divisions and generated tasks, the WODCAT application automatically generates the final table for each division. You will only have to enter the results of the participants in real time. WODCAT will automatically do all the work for you: it will generate an up-to-date table and determine the winner.

Crossfit Wod list
Schedules for gyms
Acceptance of payments

Shift the problem of receiving and accounting payments to WODCAT.

If participation in the event is paid, the WODCAT application can organize an automated receipt of payments from participants with the provision of information about those who paid. (there is a commission!).


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