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CrossFit Fortis


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We are a Fitness Facility offering CrossFit, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Kids Classes, Seniors Classes and more. We have something for everyone. Functional Fitness in a Fun Environment.


Canada, Ottawa 

245 Vanguard Drive, Orleans

GYM Information:

We Rise By Lifting Others It can often be intimidating to walk into a CrossFit box the first time. People and weights are flying around at sometimes breakneck speeds. Everyone seems to know exactly what they’re doing. That intimidation though quickly fades away as you look around and start to sense something different. Those who are done are now cheering on those who are still working. This cheering and encouragement seems to unlock an extra reserve of effort from those finishing up. When everyone is done there are high fives and words of encouragement exchanged as everyone packs up their gear. Then you notice there are pockets of smiling people talking, laughing, exchanging stories all over the gym. Community. Family. CrossFit. People from all walks of life, all ages, all fitness levels & abilities, banding together and working towards a common goal. In it together. The bonds, friendships, relationships even families formed within our four walls transcend a “gym”. The BBQ’s, the social activities, the “good stuff” outside the classes are what make us a family. It is a tight-knit Community at it’s most powerful.You just don’t see that anywhere else.


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