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CrossFit 4Life




“CrossFit has helped me to reach a level of fitness that I had never been able to reach when I was working out by myself at the gym or doing other sports. Because CrossFit is based on functional movements. Crossfit is a lifestyle. It has become something that I live. The best of all is that you are not doing it alone. You are always doing the workouts with other people which creates this feeling of community to be part of it. The people here are more just than gym buddies – they become a second family. After I finished my first WOD I knew this is my sport. Age is just a numb...


Letonia, Riga 

Ūdens iela 14/16, Kurzemes rajons

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Official CrossFit box in Riga
Become the best version of yourself - You don't have to be the best to start, you have to start to be best!

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