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The Wasatch Championship Online Qualifier

United StatesNewport
21-Jan-201906-30/  21-Jan-2019


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The Wasatch Championships Online Qualifier The beginning of the Wasatch Championships (More info to come)


United States, Newport

Event Information:

An opportunity for community fun, Ease into the Open, and help your members train for their goals! Hey Guys, Coach Chaco here, Welcome to the 2019 The Wasatch Championships! In the 8 years running competitions, I've always wanted to create a competition series that celebrates the hell out of the athletes, and I have loved the bonds that the South West region has shown across The Open Leaderboard! Since The Open, is only taking the top 20 in the World to CrossFit Games this year, we want to have an online competition that has room for every participant in it to make an impact on the community! And we want the South West region to be able to continue to showcase that for the world to see! Heres How we plan to do this! 6 Workouts over 3 weeks! 2 workouts per week will be announced! Test the workouts as much as you need, submit your video, and win prizes, and a chance for the grand prize at The Wasatch Championships Finals! Week 1:Jan 20 Wod 1 pre-release announced Wod 2 released Jan 20th Week 2: Jan 27 Wod 3/4 will be released Jan 27th Week 3: Feb 02 Wod 5/6 will be released on FEB 02 Divisions: -Male and Female Elite/Rx Division top 40 will qualify -Male and Female Scaled/Novice top 40 will qualify -Male and Female Masters age 35-39 40-44 45-49 50+ *Top 10 will qualify from each age bracket - Team top 10 teams will qualify from each division! -Teams Will Also Be Able to compete: The Qualifer for Team starts : Sunday March 24th- April 14th : But we will have an Early Bird Sign Up On Dec. 31st ! 3 man teams Rx and Scaled divisions! Top 10 teams will qualify! ***All qualifications spots are subject to change based on amount of participants!:) At the second stage: Elite= Top 20 compitors Rx= Rank 21-40 Scale= top 20 competitors Novice= Rank 21-40 * you may register for multiple divisions (except for Rx and Scaled) Prizes FOR ONLINE QUALIFER*The more registrations the higher these go Elite/Rx Division 1st place $500 and invitation to compete in salt lake, potential Sponsorship opportunties Scaled/Rx Divsion 1st Place $250" " Masters 1st place $250/age division Teams Rx 1st place $600, Scaled $300 First week of workouts will be open for submission *Jan 20th at 6pm MST, and then Registration and Deadlines for submission will be January 27th 630 PM , The Gym that has the most reps collected from WOD 1 will be crowned and recieve A massive Rogue Gift Card !! up to $3000 to outfit your gym! PRIZES FOR FINALS EVENT ANNOUNCED AFTER INDY QUALIFIER!!

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