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United StatesHampton
02-Feb-201908-30/  02-Feb-2019

Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Dr







Welcome to the GRIT FITNESS FESTIVAL! 2019 GRIT FITNESS FESTIVAL is a festival of sporting events for all fitness levels. * TEAM GRIT: A functional fitness competition for 2-person teams of men, women or coed and 4-person teams of men or women. * KID GRIT: An individual functional fitness competition for kids ages 8-10, 11-13. * TEEN GRIT: An individual functional fitness competition for Teenagers ages 14-15, 16-17 * OLYMPIC GRIT: An Olympic lifting competition for all ages and levels * OCR GRIT MILE: An individual 1-mile run negotiating multiple obstacles and performing various functional fitness exercises. THE TOUGHEST MILE YOU WILL EVER RUN! THE ATHLETE LOUNGE WILL BE ROCKING AGAIN THIS YEAR!!! You do not want to miss that.


United States, Hampton

Hampton Roads Convention Center 1610 Coliseum Dr

Event Information:

Now for the run down.... SATURDAY Feb. 2 TEAM GRIT RX: MM, FF, MF (Movements and weights will be programmed similar to the OPEN workouts). TEEN GRIT: 14-15, 16-17 KID GRIT: 8-10, 11-13 OLYMPIC GRIT: Weightlifting for various ages and levels SUNDAY Feb. 3 TEAM GRIT INTERMEDIATE: 4-males or 4-females (Movements and weights will be programmed with the average athlete in mind. Heavier loads and higher skill gymnastics will not be programmed) *TEAM GRIT SCALED: 4-males or 4-females *These divisions are for those athletes that scale workouts on a regular basis. These athletes are new to the sport of fitness, first time competitors, have limitations that keep them from competiting at a higher level, or they just want to have some competitive fun with their friends. The load, skill requirement, and volume will be scaled so all athletes can participate. Most workouts will allow teams to partition the work as needed. OCR GRIT MILE Individual Elite men/women and Open men/women divisions: Individuals will run against the clock for 1-mile while negotiating various obstacles and exercises. Top 5 times in each division will race through the mile course a second time to determine the winner. ******************************************** REFUND POLICY: Once you have registered we will not be able to refund you. SUBSTITUTIONS: You will be allowed to substitute team members any time prior to event day. Please email us the name of the person you are substituing. Keep in mind the substitute will receive the t-shirt size that was ordered for the person they are substituting for.

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