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Big Dawgs Athlete Development Camp

United StatesNewport
27-Jan-201917-00/  27-Jan-2019

Unit 2 Halyard Estate


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This is a 2-day camp for competitive fitness athletes. Suitable for all levels of competitor from the Open to Games. Who Is It For? • Novice level athletes looking to upgrade their training and performance in local competitions • Competitive athletes looking to stand on the podium and increase placing in the Open and Sanctioned Events • Coaches who are involved in the coaching of competitive fitness athletes and are looking to gain a deeper understanding Over the course of the weekend we will undergo a balance of assessment, theory, practical and discussion to give you a deep understanding of your own performance. You’ll receive individual feedback based on results and strategies specific to increase your performance.


United States, Newport

Unit 2 Halyard Estate

Event Information:

Assessments/Practical Sessions • Breathing efficiency & mechanics • Movement quality • Structural balance & injury resilience/prevention • Gymnastics capacity • Olympic weightlifting & barbell cycling • Mixed modal tests • Energy systems testing for fitness • and more… Lecture/Theoretical Sessions • Discovering/understanding your "why" • Mixed Modal Pacing Theory • Game-day nutrition, warmup and cool-down strategies and examples • Recovery protocols and examples • Hierarchy of athlete development • Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (sleep, water, light, food, purpose) • Mental Preparation Strategies • New competitive season, peaking for multiple events • Effective energy systems training • Allostatic load, understanding the stress bucket and it’s implications This athlete development camp is designed to provide education to athletes of all levels and create a fitness-testing atmosphere that enhances your training experience and upgrades performance. During the camp, you will receive individual insight and feedback to each individual on basic principles that have been most successful in prepping athletes for all levels of competition.

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