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Battle of Britain 2019 Online Qualifiers

United StatesNewport
07-Jan-201912-00/  21-Jan-2019


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B[ ]X Life Events presents the Battle of Britain Throwdown, WOD on Water in association with SwimWOD and our latest event The Athletic Fitness Games .


United States, Newport

Event Information:

The Battle of Britain Throwdown online qualifiers are made up of 3 stages which are released together on Monday 7th January, athletes have 15 days to complete these workouts and enter their verified scores. The finals will be held from Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st April 2019 at the Staffordshire County Showground, UK. Cost £15 *includes FREE spectator ticket. If you complete the qualifiers but do not qualify for the event then you can come and spectate for FREE. In order to qualify and compete in the Battle of Britain you’ll need to complete 3 qualifier WODs. Spectator Tickets £10 Qualifier Dates & Verification Athletes must be registered by midnight Sunday 6th January Qualifier Dates & Verification All 3 qualifiers released 9am Monday 7th January. All 3 scores must be submitted by midnight Monday 21st January. Judges will have 2 days after this date to verify any scores Divisions Male RX - top 90 invited to the finals Female RX - top 90 invited to the finals Male Open Intermediate - top 60 invited to the finals Female Open Intermediate - top 60 invited to the finals Male Masters 35+ - top 30 invited to the finals Female Masters 35+- top 30 invited to the finals *Masters must be 35 by the day of the finals - 19th April 2019 ** Teen's and Adaptive divisions do not need to do the online qualififers. More details of these competiton will be announced shortly. Prize Pot The prize pot for the day will be made up of both prize money and a generous offering of products from our event sponsors, vendors and partners. We estimate the total value of the prize pot to be over £10,000 The Rx and Masters divisions will recieve prize money (Rx Winner = £1000) and the Intermediate Open, Teen & Adaptive divisions will recieve product bundles from our sponsors. Validation If you are a member of an affiliate your score may be validated by your coach or box owner. For unaffiliated competitors please submit a video submission. However, we will check the top 5 placed athlete's videos for each division for each workout and then another 5 per division per workout at random. Please have your videos available. Which Division Should I Enter? We encourage you to pick the correct category for your ability - we don't want to see athletes capable of linking 20 muscle ups entering the scaled division. Your coach should be able to advise you if you are unsure. If in doubt we would encourage you to challenge yourself and enter the RX division. This year’s competition will run a little differently and well set out to test you across a series of 6 workouts testing a broad range of movement, skill and your all-round game. We will also release the workouts 6 weeks prior to the event so you can prepare and practice as you see fit. To help guide you we have set the following standards. Rx & Master 35+ Division: If you are entering the Rx or master division qualifiers, then we recommend you can perform all the following. Gymnastics: HSPU, Pistols, Bar Muscle ups, rope climbs. Weights: max lift complex and DB weights that you would use during the open Intermediate Open Division: If you are entering the Intermediate Open Division qualifiers, then we recommend you can perform all the following movements and minimum weights. Gymnastics: Press ups, Pull Ups, toes 2 bar, small sets of CTB Weights: max lift complex and DB weights that you would use during the open. 60 / 42.5kg clean small sets. Other: double unders, low volume rope climbs legs allowed Rules & Requirements: Athletes must register online and pay the £15 registration fee. Athletes must complete three online qualifier workouts. Athletes must submit a validated score or video submission for three online qualifiers. The Battle of Britain Throwdown staff reserve the right to disqualify an athlete based on their own reviewal process, should they find any violation of the rules stated or any violation of sportsmanship. There is no limit to the amount of athletes who can participate in the qualifiers. The registration fee is non-refundable Once you have selected a category and submitted your score you cannot swap category. You may enter multiple categories

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