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2019 USA Powerlifting Minnesota Ladies of Iron

United StatesMaplewood
04-May-201907-00/  04-May-2019

1636 Gervais Ave, Suite 13, Maplewood, Minnesota 55109







Sanction: MN-2019-06 Meet Directors: Shannon Murphy & Ken Graack


United States, Maplewood

1636 Gervais Ave, Suite 13, Maplewood, Minnesota 55109

Event Information:

This event has two aspects to it: Each state will run a WOMEN ONLY event on the same date. Scoring will be done via LiftingCast. This will allow all competitors to compete against women all over the United States at the same time without being in the same place. These combined results will be entered into our lifting database as "United Ladies of Iron (WA-2019-01)" to form, possibly, the largest women's only powerlifting event! Each lifter will also compete against the lifters at their local event. Awards and placings will be given to those on location as well as the nation wide placings. Each local event will award the top 3 places in each weight class and age division. In addition, the top 3 in each weight class and age division will be awarded to the winners of United Ladies of Iron. Participating States: Ohio Idaho Washington Missouri Connecticut Virginia Georgia Minnesota Wisconsin Tennessee Massachusetts Oregon New York Registration: $95 Includes a t-shirt. All lifters will automatically be entered into both the Minnesota Ladies of Iron event AND the United Ladies of Iron event. Registration price is the same for every event. Additional Division: $25 Full Power event only. Raw and Equipped Available 60 Lifter Cap There will be no wait list. No refunds will be given for any reason. Spots are non-transferable. You must be a USAPL member to participate. Open to Women from any state. Registration: MEET IS FULL Current Roster: Any questions should be directed to Shannon or Ken: Email: Shannon Phone: 507-276-6100 Ken Phone: 651-707-6378