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2019 Bullet Point Faction Games

United StatesStevens Point
15-Jun-201910-00/  15-Jun-2019

601 N. Michigan Ave, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481







Online Workouts: April 15, 2019 to June 1, 2019 Onsite Workouts: Saturday, June 15th and Sunday June 16th at SentryWorld/Goerke Field in Stevens Point, WI Format: Team Competition comprised of 4-6 individuals and teams must have at least 1 of each gender Workouts: 7 total ( 3 online / 4 on site) Divisions: Rx and Scaled Subdivision: Masters Rx and Masters Scaled Difficulty: ALL LEVELS (Beginner to Advanced)


United States, Stevens Point

601 N. Michigan Ave, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481

Event Information:

Event Description The Faction Games is a first of its kind team competition for our area. Teams will compete online and onsite in a series of 7 workouts. These workouts will test every facet of fitness and force the teams to strategize on who on the team will perform each of the workouts. Team make up will vary as teams can have anywhere from 4 to 6 members and the only requirement is that each team have at least 1 of each gender. Teams will have 2 months to complete the 3 online workouts and will be validated by their gyms. They are allowed to repeat the online workouts as many times as they desire to maximize their scores in the online portion. All teams will then advance to the onsite portion of the competition which will be hosted at beautiful SentryWorld in Stevens Point and also Goerke Field where they will compete in 4 more workouts. All workouts will count towards the final leaderboards in this winner take all, no holds barred competition. Team Makeup Team is required to have a minimum of 4 athletes and must have at least 1 of each gender. Teams may add up to 2 additional members. Think of these as both substitutes and athletes who specialize. This allows teams to sub in someone that might be stronger on certain events (a specialist of sorts) and also provides built in subs in case of injury. This brings a real element of strategy and allows the teams to really maximize their scores on certain workouts. Be advised the programming will reward BALANCE, meaning it is not advised to only have 1 of a gender. While you can compete with this makeup be sure that if this is the make up of your team that the person is prepared to shoulder that load as they will most likely require them to participate in all events. New Masters Subdivision Masters subdivision will compete alongside their younger brethren but will be eligible for some extra podium prizes, the top Masters team in each of the Rx and Scaled division will receive prize package from our sponsors. Masters Rx will compete with the Rx division and Masters Scaled will compete with the Scaled division. Same workouts, same weights, same requirements. All member of the Masters team MUST BE 40+ as of APRIL 15TH 2019. Masters teams are also able to double and win the Rx and Open division podium spots. Online Competition Segment The online portion of the competition will contain 3 workouts. These will all be announced the week of April 15th. Just like the Bullet Point Open, workouts will be completed at, judged by and validated by their affiliate/gym. Independent teams may register as such and submit video for validation. Video is required by ALL teams, however, in addition to the gym validation. The teams will then have until June 1st at 11:59 PM CST to submit their scores. Affiliates/Gyms will then have until June 2nd at 11:59 PM CST to validate scores. Teams may perform, submit and validate the workouts as many time as they want to during this time for the online segment of this competition. Videos can be submitted via YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or any publically accessible cloud storage. Onsite Competition Segment All team will advance to the Onsite portion will consist of 4 workouts and will be held at beautiful SentryWorld and Goerke Field in Stevens Point, WI. Athletes will be required to provide photo id at check in on the day of the competition Saturday, June 15th and Sunday June 16th. The onsite segment is an extension of the online segment and final rankings will be determined by the team that performed the best across all 7 workouts. 7 Workout Types The Faction Games will be comprised of seven events that will test every facet of the athletes fitness level. The events can happen in any order. Information about the workouts, name and definition, will be announced in advance to the competition with the exception of the Hopper event. THE SPRINT THIS WORKOUT WILL TEST THE ATHLETES FITNESS IN A SHORT TIME DOMAIN, THE WORKOUT WILL BE QUICK (LESS THAT 5 MINUTES) AND CAN INVOLVE CONDITIONING, BODY WEIGHT OR LIGHT TO MODERATE WEIGHTED MOVEMENTS. THE SCORE WILL BE RECORDED IN EITHER TIME IT TOOK TO FINISH OR REPS COMPLETED WITHIN THE TIME DOMAIN. THE STRENGTH THIS WORKOUT WILL TEST THE ATHLETES STRENGTH WITH WEIGHTED MOVEMENTS IN A POTENTIALLY NONTRADITIONAL WAY. IN THE ALLOTTED TIME AN ATHLETE WILL PERFORM STRENGTH MOVEMENTS WHERE THE SCORE WILL BE BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF WEIGHT LIFTED. THE ENDURANCE THIS WORKOUT WILL TEST THE ATHLETES FITNESS IN A LONGER TIME DOMAIN, THE WORKOUT CAN INVOLVE CONDITIONING, BODY WEIGHT OR LIGHT TO MODERATE WEIGHTED MOVEMENTS. THE SCORE WILL BE RECORDED IN EITHER TIME IT TOOK TO FINISH OR REPS COMPLETED WITHIN THE TIME DOMAIN. THE IRON ALL BARBELL ALL THE TIME. THE BARBELL IS THE GREAT EQUALIZER ESPECIALLY WHEN PROGRAMMED FROM A METCON SCENARIO. THIS WILL TEST THE ATHLETES ABILITY TO MANAGE AND CYCLE A BARBELL. WHILE THE WORKOUT MAY NOT BE 100% BARBELL MOVEMENTS WE CAN GUARANTEE THAT THOSE PROFICIENT IN THE ART OF THE BARBELL WILL COME OUT ON TOP IN THIS ONE. HEAVY HARD AND FAST. TIME DOMAINS AND MOVEMENTS WILL VARY. THE COMBINE THE COMBINE IS A TEST OF SKILL, A SERIES OF PHYSICAL TEST OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND/OR TEAM. ATHLETES CAN EXPECT THINGS LIKE THROWING, JUMPING, GYMNASTICS, HOLDS, GRIP, AGILITY TESTS. THE NASTY GYMNASTY TO BE PRECISE. THE NASTY WILL BE A PURELY BODY WEIGHT WORKOUT THAT ONLY BODY WEIGHT MOVEMENTS. TIME DOMAINS AND MOVEMENTS WILL VARY. THE HOPPER THE FINAL WORKOUT TYPE WE AFFECTIONATELY CALL “THE HOPPER”. THIS EVENT IS JUST WHAT THE NAME IMPLIES, COMPLETELY RANDOM. TIME DOMAIN, REP SCHEME, FORMAT, MOVEMENTS AND WEIGHTS WILL ALL VARIABLE. Division Standards & Movement Standards Athletes will find the standards fall in line with all of our other events with a few more See Division & Movement Standards Page Changes to Registration Information Changes to team names and/or affiliates names will be accepted via email at and we will update that information in our system. Changes to team members will NOT be allowed after April 15th at 11:59 pm. The members you register are set in stone at that time and cannot be replaced. If someone is unable to compete you may register additional members up to the full team of 6. Remember you only need 4 people to compete. You can register additional members after you register your team up to June 8th. All registered athletes will receive an athlete bag and shirt regardless if they compete onsite. Photo ID will be required at check in to take part in the onsite event to confirm your identity and that you are a member of the registered team. Refunds All payments are final. No refunds will be issued regardless of reason. Registration transfers will be accepted up until teams are locked in on April 15th at 11:59 pm. More Information Follow Our Website at Follow the Event Page at Follow Us on Facebook at Join the Facebook Event for up to the minute information at Follow Us on Instagram at Accommodations Coming Soon ...