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Planificación de entrenamiento (programación) Box25 Athletes

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Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)

10.000 / 10

The author's training program for Alexander Yaroshchuk for everyone who wants to see a progression in their training. This program has a light version. The full prof version with supplemented special workouts is available by subscription.

This workout program is by default, has a calendar view. But no updates have been made in this program for more than 3 days, so the workouts are displayed in the form of a list.
WOD-1728709 (GM)
For time: 30 calorie Assault Air Bike 15 Toes to bar 12 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups 9 Bar Muscle-Up 20 calorie Assault Air Bike 12 Toes to bar 9 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups 6 Bar Muscle-Up 10 calorie Assault Air Bike 9 Toes to bar 6 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups 3 Bar Muscle-Up
October 15, 2021
WOD-8269202 (WM)
For time: 125 Saltos dobles a la comba 21 Power Snatchs 111/78-lb 15 Thrusters 111/78-lb 125 Saltos dobles a la comba 15 Thrusters 111/78-lb 21 Power Snatchs 111/78-lb 125 Saltos dobles a la comba
October 14, 2021
WOD-6000048 (WG)
3 rounds for time of: 30-20-10 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks 50/34-lb Lateral burpee
October 14, 2021
WOD-2893393 (WGM)
Complete max Reps in 20 minutes limit: 30 Wall Ball 25 calorie Remo 20 Toes to bar
October 12, 2021
WOD-2791629 (WG)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 10-15-20-25 Double kettlebell Snatch 1/0,8-pood 10-15-20-25 calorie SkiErg 10-15-20-25 Burpees Bar-Facing
October 11, 2021

The training program is planned for a 4 week mesocycle. 3 weeks a set of intensity, the last 4th week, recovery.

Weightlifting - working on the basics, technique, explosion. For equipment weight 30-50% for conditioned work 60-75%

The power part is a task, an increase in strength. The main work is on large muscle groups.

Aerobic component - long medcons and EMOMs to develop the base with work at the anaerobic threshold level.

Gymnastics - Gain strength in rigorous gymnastics, master rigorous exits and obstacle walking.

There is also a lot of local muscular endurance. With the task of working in strictly allotted times of rest and work and a large number of repetitions. Weight is not important.

Warm up

Warm up before training.

1- Working with rubber over the hips and shoulders

 2- Working with roll on triggers

 3- General warm-up and stretching

This is followed by a special warm-up

 - If you start with TA, then warm-up for movement with a bar, work on positions and speed for 3-5 minutes. Be sure to pause in extreme positions. Add box jumping / plyometrics

 - If gymnastics - we warm up with strict movements with a set of amplitude / efforts / you can work at the beginning with rubber.

 - If aerobics, then a special warm-up - a couple of three sprints to turn on the central nervous system, start the respiratory system, activate the respiratory muscles.