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Duration 04m:24s
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Workout Description

WOD Grace is a Girl crossfit benchmark workout.  Another fast WOD.  Grace is a different test, this time more of technique than pure grit. To perform fairly heavy Olympic lifts that many times takes a coolness of character and an ability to lift proficiently.  The best times for this WOD are just over a minute, and up to 3-4 mins is still really good!

72  Results


Сергей Шадура
2006m:17s30Kazakhstan Pavlodar31/05/2019
Hidden User
602m:38s30Ukraine Kyiv21/05/2019
Hidden User
04m:13s30Australia 29/04/2019
Sergey Mamaev
05m:52s30Ukraine Ternopil'15/04/2019
1904m:58s30Russia 14/03/2019
402m:20s30United States Houston12/03/2019
Александр Вестя
03m:00s30Ukraine Dniprodzerzhyns'k10/03/2019
Иван Z
01m:54s30Russia Novosibirsk10/02/2019
03m:46s30Russia Moscow27/01/2019
леха губин
1204m:09s30Russia 24/01/2019
Grigoriy Borlukov
1004m:00s30Russia Moscow03/01/2019
502m:32s30Russia Moscow27/12/2018
Роман Сапронов
1004m:00s30Russia 26/12/2018
Александр Вестя
03m:05s30Ukraine Dniprodzerzhyns'k05/12/2018
04m:34s30Spain 05/12/2018
Георгий Хвичия-Дуве
03m:02s30Ukraine 24/11/2018
Сергей Двойников
2308m:28s30Russia Tyumen18/11/2018
Александр Вестя
04m:24s30Ukraine Dniprodzerzhyns'k26/08/2018
Matt Johnston
2410m:50s30United Kingdom 10/08/2018
03m:20s30Russia 05/08/2018
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