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Complete as many rounds as possible in 1 minutes of:

Duration 01m:00s
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Workout Description

Max burpees in one minute

21  Results


Vlad D
01m:00s32 Odessa30/04/2019
Антон Тесьминецький
01m:00s35 Ternopil'27/04/2019
Сергей Шадура
901m:00s21 Pavlodar21/04/2019
1101m:00s20 Kyiv17/04/2019
01m:00s20 Novosibirsk17/04/2019
Георгий Хвичия-Дуве
401m:00s29 02/02/2019
Георгий Хвичия-Дуве
01m:00s25 01/02/2019
Петр Паркер
701m:00s24 29/01/2019
Виктор Алексеев
501m:00s27 18/01/2019
Георгий Хвичия-Дуве
01m:00s25 29/12/2018
Антон Тесьминецький
01m:00s34 Ternopil'11/11/2018
Георгий Хвичия-Дуве
01m:00s24 10/11/2018
Алексей Бобров
801m:00s22 Khimki08/11/2018
Андрей Кудряшов
01m:00s30 Nizhniy Novgorod19/10/2018
901m:00s21 10/08/2018
501m:00s27 Astana02/08/2018
Павел Матросов
01m:00s21 Ulyanovsk09/04/2018
arezu fit
01m:00s20 Shiraz01/04/2018
arezu fit
01m:00s17 Shiraz01/04/2018
arezu fit
01m:00s Shiraz01/04/2018
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