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Best Gym near me United Kingdom 2020

Crossfit box (gym) is a specially equipped place for practicing Crossfit, which differs from regular gyms spacious room and high ceilings for a comfortable 10-15 people group trainings. More often we can meet crossfit boxes that are located in hangars or old industrial buildings. The construction of crossfit boxes requires strong concrete floors for performing weightlifting movements or movements, which require special preparation of the floor (using of platforms).

The advantage of any professional crossfit box is the presence of open space for opportunities to train on the street and running.

There are two types of crossfit boxes. CrossFit Affiliates are boxes in which  trainings are carried out by certified CrossFit trainers and there is a confirmed right to use the name Crossfit in its activities.

Non affiliated crossfit box is a gym in which trainings are carried out by trainers from other sports, so it can’t be called a crossfit gym

A distinctive feature of any crossfit box is absence of exercise machines. Basic equipment are racks, bars, rings, barbells and other weights. Only cardio simulators are allowed.

WODCAT Gyms is a list of gyms,  fitness centers, crossfit boxes.  On the search page you can find the one, which is located in a convenient place for you, equipment that meets your requirements, get acquainted with the activity of popular gyms and join a group of athletes (follow).

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User, who has created a gym page, gets the rights to further editing the page, list of trainers and the ability to conduct a day-to-day training program on behalf of the created gym. 

  • Affiliate Crossfit
Our programming combines elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, running and rowing, always ensuring that before we introduce intensity to your workout your technique will be safe and flawless. We vary the program so you will be constantly challenged and we will track your performance to ensure you achieve your goals. We offer all of the benefits of Personal Training, but at a fraction of the cost.
 United Kingdom, Cardiff 
  • Affiliate Crossfit
At Bearwalden CrossFit we believe that the psychology of sport and fitness training plays a vital role in the success of any program. We foster a positive training environment to help clients overcome self-doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their full potential.
 United Kingdom, Cambridge 
  • Fitness
  • Gym
  • Weightlifting
  • Yoga
We at Challenge Gym are Proud to be celebrating 25 Years of getting people fit and healthy ! Both Christine and I (Wayne) started Challenge Gym in 1994 ! So 2019 is our Quarter century! During that time literally thousands of people from Bishops Stortford and the surrounding area have trained at our gym. An achievement that we are both really proud of. We look forward to 2019 and having various celebrations in our Quarter century marker!
 United Kingdom, Bishops Stortford 
  • Crossfit (not Aff.)
At CrossFit Central London, the training happens in small groups, with expert coaches and a high coach to student ratio. The positive, encouraging atmosphere feeds the sense of community you get when people share in the challenges and triumphs.
 United Kingdom, London 
  • Affiliate Crossfit
OUR MISSION STATEMENT “We aim to deliver outstanding strength and conditioning classes that allow you to reach your athletic potential across the 10 physical skills. Our open and inclusive community is built upon the sportsmanship and integrity of coaches and athletes alike. Dedication and intensity in training drive the measurable improvements in performance that we strive to achieve. Every member is treated as an athlete.”
 United Kingdom, Chelmsford 
  • Affiliate Crossfit
We are the Premier Strength and Conditioning gym for Coventry. Specialising in Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, Power lifting, Yoga, Gymnastics, and Nutrition. We also provide training for sports teams and private personal training.
 United Kingdom, Coventry