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Level: Technically Complex
Skipping rope


How to do Triple Unders:




- It seems only appropriate that the more revolutions a cable makes under your feet, the higher you’ll have to jump.

- Start out with a special focus on the height of your jumping, even with singles and doubles.

- This creates a rope rotation that is nice and relaxed, and will prevent you from getting too aggressive.




- Once you are capable of spinning that rope three times in one jump, focus on your timing.

- The third revolution of the cable should barely clear your feet to ensure enough time to rebound back up into the air. First revolution, fast; Second revolution, fast; Third revolution; slow it down!


Body Awareness


- Don’t let your arm position change.

- From singles, doubles, triples, and even quads, the arms should not change positioning!

- Your elbows bent and pushed back, and your hands close to the anterior hip.

- The only changes you make when adding rope revolutions are in speed, height and timing – not positioning.


No Fish


- Get rid of the “dolphin” or pike jump.

- Practice bringing heels up to your butt to fix this bad habit.

- Ideally, your legs will stay in a neutral plane (up and down, not biased anteriorly or posteriorly).


Don’t stress


- We often perceive the double-under to be fast and aggressive – a misconception that is only exacerbated by the notion of a triple under.

- Keep all of your movements small and controlled.