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Toes to bar (TTB)

Nivel: Lung

The toes-to-bar exercise is a great way to work your abdominal muscles.

Strict toes-to-bar can be more difficult to complete and requires you to keep your legs and arms straight throughout the entire process.

Most people prefer a kipping toes-to-bar, which allows you to build momentum and complete more repetitions in a shorter period of time.



How to do Toes To Bar:


- Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, wrapping your thumbs for a secure grip—when you kick your feet up, you don’t want to kick your hands.

- Squeeze both your butt and abs, creating a “hollow-body” position where your feet are slightly in front of your torso. With these muscles flexed, your body’s ready to swing.

- Kipping generates momentum, taking your body from the hollow position to an arc or superman position. Open your shoulders, squeeze your butt, then drive with your hips.

- To transition from backswing to upswing, simply drive your knees toward your elbows, then extend your legs, kicking your feet toward the bar as they rise.

- As soon as your momentum toward the bar ends, pull back into an arc and squeeze your butt to load your hips for the next rep.