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Strict Ring Dips

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Ring dips are quite a bit more challenging than bar dips because rings are extremely unstable, thus demanding the utilization of numerous stabilizer muscles in your core and shoulders. Not surprisingly, this goes a long way in building core strength and preventing injury. They are ideal for working the triceps, chest and shoulder muscles in one maneuver rather than working any one muscle group in isolation.

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How to do Strict Ring Dips:


- Start in the support position with the elbows locked and hands turned out

- Emphasize a long neck and hollow body position

- Initiate the dip by sending the shoulder forward

- Reach the bottom of the dip with your shoulder below the elbow (just like proper squat position with the hip below knee)

- Press back up and finish in the same strong support position in which you started Also directly from the world of gymnastics, has some good tips on performing proper ring dips.


To perform the ring dip you should set the rings to a height where your feet will not touch the ground between repetitions.

In the support position, you suspend your body above the rings with your arms straight.

Now lower your body down by bending at the elbows and by keeping your shoulders close to your sides.

Keep the movement steady and controlled — you should try to achieve a full range of motion by taking your shoulders down until they almost touch your hands.

Once at the bottom of the move simply push your body back up to the starting position.

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