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Shuttle Sprints

Nivel: Lung

The Shuttle Sprints is good interval cardio which burn fat and really lean and tone your body. 


Perform shuttle sprints on a safe surface, such as an indoor studio or running track

- avoid performing shuttle sprints outdoors on wet grass, as you will simply slide and fall over, unless your training for such sports such as football / soccer where you will need to possibly play in these conditions

- the key to any training, including sprint work is to avoid injury, so warm up and wear correct foot wear.

Place some markers out to the front of you, you can either lay them out straight, or in a zig zag formation. These are the markers that you will need to sprint between, with the shuttle distance ideally short - you do not want to have shuttle sprints more than 15 - 20 meters, as you will soon become very tired. Aim to sprint up to the first marker, then back to the start, before returning to the next marker as fast as possible.

Take care when turning around the markers, and make sure you warm up prior to doing this or any other exercise, if you're short of space you can bend down to touch the marker with your hand or your foot.

Stretch and Warm Up before you commence any exercise and aim to finish with some good stretching to let your body and mind recover.

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