Sandbag Carry

Nivel: Average


How to do Sandbag Carry:


- Pick up the sandbag and lift it to the position you will be carrying it in (i.e. with arms extended over your head, on one shoulder or in both arms in front your chest - your choice).

- Walk or run past the start line to the last pylon, go around this pylon and return to the start line (ensuring you cross the line). This is equal to 1 rep.

- Repeat this sequence until you have finished 5 reps.

- Males carry 60lbs and females carry 40lbs.


No Rep:


- Failing to cross the start line at the beginning of each rep or to run/walk around the last pylon to return to the start.

- Dropping the sandbag. Dropping in the sandbag will result in a 5 second penalty off your overall time.

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