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Level: Lung

The Rowing is a full-body workout and it uses almost every major muscle in our body. 

The Row  - it is a good cardio workouts which burn many calories, strenged you body, engages various muscle groups, easy to perform.



How to do Row:


“The Drive” With straight arms and an upright position of the upper body at “one o’clock”, press firmly on the foot plate and begin pushing (or ‘driving’) with your legs. As your legs approach straight, lean the upper body back to the eleven o’clock position and draw the hands back to the lower ribs in a straight line 

“The Finish” Legs are extended and the handle is held lightly at your lower rips Your upper body is at the “eleven o’clock” position—slightly reclined with good support from your core muscles. Head is in a neutral position. Neck and shoulders are relaxed, and elbows are drawn backpast the body with flat wrists. 

“The Recovery” Extend first with your arms until they straighten. Lean your upper body forward to the one o’clock position. Once your hands and the oar handle have cleared your knees, allow your knees to bend and gradually slide the seat forward. 

“The Catch” Arms are straight; head is neutral; shoulders are level and not hunched. Upper body is at the one o’clock position—shoulders in front of hips. Shins are vertical and not compressed beyond the perpendicular. Balls of the feet are in full contact with the footplate.