Ring Rows

Nivel: Lung
Anillas de Gimnasia, Barra para Dominadas, Racks


Ring rows are a good beginners movement to people that are new to ring training. It's also a progression exercise for anyone wanting to build up strength for unassisted pull-ups.


How to do Ring Rows


- Set the rings to the appropriate height (the lower the rings the more difficult the exercise).

- Grip the rings and lean back until your arms are stright.

- Keep your body straight and pull your chest up towards the rings as high as you can.

- Pause briefly at the top of the exercise and then slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position.

- That is one full repetition.


Some tips:


As you become stronger lower the rings to increase the difficulty of the exercise. The ring row, or body row as it is also known, is a relatively easy ring training exercise that targets the arms and upper back muscles. It looks like an upside down push-up and is a handy starter exercise for anyone who is not yet strong enough to do pull-ups as it uses a similar muscle set but is much easier to do.

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