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Ring Pull Ups

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How to do Ring Pull-ups


- Adjust the height of the gym rings so that your feet will not touch the ground between repetitions.

- Stand under the rings and grip with either an overhand (for the pull-up), or underhand (for the chin-up) hand position.

- The free movement of the rings means that your grip does not have to be strictly one position or the other, and it may change throughout the exercise.

- Keep your arms straight and simply dead hang from the rings, keeping your body vertical.

- Pull your chest up toward the gymnastic rings by bending your arms.

- Keep the movement smooth, slow and controlled and try not to jerk any muscles as you pull-up.

- Pause for a moment at the top of the exercise before you start slowly lowering yourself back down.

- Once you are lowered back to the hanging position, pause, and repeat the exercise.


Some tips:


- Throughout the exercise keep your torso straight, legs together, and shoulders relaxed.

- Minimise any rocking or swaying movements.

- Practice the false grip pull-up to strengthen your wrists and prepare for the muscle-up.

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