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Ring Chest Flys

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The Battle Ring Chest Fly is a powerful chest and shoulder exercise that will also give you outstanding core strength if performed regularly. In addition to push ups and dips on the battle rings, the chest fly is a great exercise to add to your upper body training on rings.


How to do Ring Chest Fly:


- Attach the Battle Ring’s to a sturdy overhead object (pullup bar, rafter, etc)

- Grab the handles and with your shoulders down (not shrugged) and straighten your arms out away from you.

- Once you feel a nice stretch on your chest, squeeze your arms together with a slight bend in the elbow.

- Squeeze your chest as tight as you can at the end of the exercise.


Some Tips:


- Maintain core tension throughout the exercise.

- Grip the handles tightly and only go as far as your shoulder flexibility and strength permits.

- To make Battle Ring Chest Fly’s easier, stand up straight.

- To make it harder, bring your body closer to the floor.

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