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Push Jerks (PJ)

Jerk, Push
Niveau: Technically Complex

The push jerk is a style of jerk infrequently used in competition, and a variation of the jerk commonly used in training by athletes who split jerk primarily.

Barre à disques


How to do Push Jerk:


- Begin with a barbell in the front "rack" positon (see "front squat").

- Dip your body downwards slightly by flexing the hip, knee and ankle joints, making sure to keep the torso as upright as possible.

- Jump upwards out of the dip position by violently extending the said joints, and press the barbell upwards.

- Upon completion of full joint extension, and while the weight is moving upwards, push yourself under the bar and receive it in a partial squat.

- The foot should move from a position under the hips to a shoulder-width position.

- Elbows should be fully extended upon receiving the bar.

- Complete the jerk by standing up out of the partial squat position with barbell supported overhead and returning the feet to hip position.

- Athlete must show complete control of the bar at the top before lowering it.