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Push Jerks Behind the Head

Envión, Push
Nivel: Technically Complex

The push jerk is a style of jerk infrequently used in competition, and a variation of the jerk commonly used in training by athletes who split jerk primarily.


How to do Push Jerk Behind the Head:


- Place the bar on the top of your traps with a clean-width grip (as you would for a back squat) and the feet at approximately hip-width and the toes turned out slightly.

- Keep the weight balanced on the heels while maintaining full foot contact with the floor.

- Bend slightly at the knees only, keeping the trunk vertical and the weight on the heels.

- Transition immediately at the bottom of this dip and drive aggressively with the legs against the floor to accelerate the barbell upward.

- As you finish the extension of the legs, begin pushing against the bar with the arms, quickly lifting the feet and transitioning them into the split position, punching the arms into a locked-out overhead position.

- Secure and stabilize the bar overhead before recovering from the split into a standing position with the bar still overhead.

- With the bar starting behind the neck, it is already in the plane it should be in when overhead, and the trunk is already very slightly inclined as it should be in the overhead position, so the bar and trunk have directly vertical paths.

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