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One Arm Kettlebell Row

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One Arm Kettlebell Row  - exercise in which all of your back muscles work. Single arm row can be perfomed by kettlebell or dumbblell.
You can use it in your workouts with pull-up to build strong and musclular back.



How to perfom:  "One Arm Kettlebell Row"


1. Place kettlebell in front of you

2. Put your right leg forward, while resting your left leg on its balls. Just like you’d do for a lunge stance.

3. Bend your knees in order to slightly lean in the forward direction.

4. Keep your back in straight position

5. For stability, place your right had on bech or wall.

6.  Hold kettlebell at single hand 

7. Pull the kettlebell upwards until it reaches your stomach.

8. Flex your elbows and retract your shoulders.

9. After finished return to other hand 

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