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Strict Muscle-up

Level: Technically Complex
Gymnastic rings


How to do Strict Ring Muscle-Up:


The Grip – For the strict muscle-up, we’ll be using the false grip. With this grip, the rings are set in the hand nearer to the crease of the wrist. This is definitely an awkward position for most people at first, and it takes some time and practice to get the technique down, and to figure out the tweaks in positioning that are best for you.


The Pull – The next step is pulling your body up as strongly and smoothly as possible. This means having a good proficiency in pull-ups. A strong pull is key to a good muscle-up, and without it, you’ll be unable to do one without swinging and kipping.


The Transition – This is the part where most people get stuck on the muscle-up. Think of this as “putting on your t-shirt.” You’re pulling yourself to the top and then there’s a transition to pushing yourself up for the dip. It’s common to get stuck here if you’ve got issues with shoulder mobility or strength.


The Push – Once you’ve gotten through the transition, the push through is the easiest part. You’ll just keep your body tight and strong, and land in top position with the rings turned out.

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