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Dominadas en L

Abdominales, Trazioni, Estático
Nivel: Average
Barra para Dominadas, Racks


Before to do L-si pullups you must to matser strict pull ups, and do L-sit position anywhere.


How to do L-Sit Pull Ups:


- Get into a deadhang position while hanging from a pull-up bar – elbows locked and shoulders packed down (i.e. stabilized on your torso).

- Raise your knees so that your thighs are roughly parallel with the ground.

- Then lock your knees and point your toes so that your legs are extended straight in front of you (i.e. making an L-shape with your body).

- Maintain this L-Sit position while performing your pull-ups – making sure to use proper pull-up technique.

- Exhale forcefully and begin to pull yourself up to the bar until your arms are fully flexed – elbows beside your ribs and chin at or above the bar.

- Pause for a moment before slowly lowering yourself down until you reach full elbow lock – inhaling as you descend.

- Repeat for reps.


Some tips:


- Tempo and repetition speed is very important with L-Sit Pull-ups

. - Your reps should be performed slowly, and under control at all times.

- Don’t kip or jerk your way through the movement.

- Be especially sure not to allow your body to jerk down into the bottom, deadhang position.

- The transition to full elbow lock should be smooth and controlled to prevent elbow and shoulder problems.

- Contract your entire core musculature hard when you initiate the pull with a strong exhale – tucking your tailbone forward and rolling your hips up with a slight abdominal crunch

- Squeeze your glutes and thighs and try to keep your knees locked and toes pointed