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Kipping Bar Muscle-Up

Nivel: Technically Complex
Barra para Dominadas, Racks


How to do Kipping Bar Muscle Up:


Before begin, ensure you have multiple strict pull-ups and have mastered kipping pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups and bar dips.

- When you can do this perfectly, work on pulling even higher, completing a sternum to bar or belly button to bar pull-up.

- If you are pulling high while maintaining good position you should now be able to see the floor when your sternum is at the bar.

- Next will be the transition, set yourself up in the bottom of a push-up position and practice shifting your whole body forwards and backwards.

- This will help you with the motion of a transition.

- When you take this back up on to the bar, make sure both your shoulders transition symmetrically.

- Both shoulders and elbows should ALWAYS move together.

- Never ever practice throwing one elbow over the bar at a time as this can lead to injury. If you are struggling to do this, take it back to your belly button to bar pull-ups.

- Spend more time here increasing the height of your pull.

- As you get stronger and begin to consistently get single Bar Muscle-Up reps

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