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GHD Sit-ups

Level: Average

Sit-Ups is lifting your upper body from the GHD(or from the floor) and up toward the thighs.



How to do a GHD sit-up:


- Sit with your feet set in the foot holds and your butt slightly past/off the cushions (i.e. away from your feet).

- Keep your knees bent when sitting in this upright position (i.e. the start position).

- Lower yourself backwards, keeping your spine neutral and your knees bent – you will only move to parallel if you’re a beginner.

- If you are capable of moving past parallel, then go as low as you can while keeping a neutral spine or good posture (i.e. don’t hyperextend your spine). Wherever you reach beyond parallel is your full range of motion.

- At this point, start coming back up and then sharply extend your legs straight in front of you until you’re back upright – this sharp extension of your knees and legs ensures the use of your hip flexors and it will avoid you using the wrong muscles and will avoid lower back pain.


There are several scaling-up options:

- When lowering yourself, you can extend your hands to above your head, to add some weight.

- That can further be scaled-up by touching the ground with your fingers as you lower yourself.

- You can scale-up again by doing multiple reps of it with alternating hands touching the ground.