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Alternating floor press

Nivel: Average

This exercise is a species of basic “bench press”. The main advantage of Alternating Floor Press is a reduced load on deltoid muscles and lumbar region. Also there is no necessity to use a bench for performing this movement. That’s why Alternating Floor Press  is good for home trainings. Reducing load on deltoid muscles occurs by reducing the amplitude of motion during the exercise.



It is a type of compound exercise that works your lats, stabilizers, and core without increasing pressure on your lower back, keeping pain at bay. This variation of floor press workout is beneficial for those with finicky shoulders because it limits the range of motion, putting less stress on their shoulder joints.


How to do alternating floor press:


- Lie on the surface holding two kettlebells or dumbbells at your shoulder level.

- Place it on your chest by gripping them with your palms facing forward.

- Press the weights above your chest by extending your arms until they are locked out.

- Lower one of the weights to your chest, turning the wrist in a direction of the other kettlebell.

- Raise the weight and then repeat the steps on the other side.