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Sports events and competitions list United States 2019

Sport competitions are events, which pass for the objective identification and evaluation of the strongest athletes, setting records in a separate kind of sport (crossfit, weightlifting, etc.). In addition to individual competitions, where athletes compete in individual division, there are also team competitions (from 2 to 20 people). A feature of any competition is a clear definition of the rules and techniques for performing exercises.

Crossfit competition is an identification of the most physically prepared (the fittest) person at the same time in a variety of physical skills (strength, endurance, speed, accuracy). Like all sports competitions there are individual and team Crossfit competitions (Crossfit Games). Online CrossFit competitions is an opportunity to participate in the event remotely, performing the WODs in your gym and making a video from beginning to the end.

WODCAT Events is a list of upcoming sports competition. Schedule of sports events in a specific city. Information about the master classes, seminars and trainings. Search for planned events and registration for participation in them.

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HYROX Houston will be the only HYROX competition in the beautiful south. Don’t worry about the humidity, luckily the competition is all indoors.
 United States, Houston 
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HYROX is inspired by a simple idea. Millions of athletes all over the world who don’t play sports but prefer functional fitness or working out at the gym, don’t have a measurable competition. Now, HYROX is the new goal for fitness enthusiasts!
 United States, Los Angeles