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Why it’s time to take care of your health.



    Imagine your health as a locomotive on rails. Improving your health is its forward movement. The most difficult thing about a locomotive is to get it started moving. If the locomotive is moving, even at least very slowly, it can be pushed with even one finger and it will gain speed. And the higher the speed, the more difficult this locomotive to stop. So, if you suddenly decided to pause your training until better times, your locomotive stops. And to set the wheels in motion anew is extremely difficult. And here the most interesting thing arises. The rails are actually at a small angle. And the name of this angle is time, or rather aging. And your standing (as you believe) locomotive begins to slowly but confidently roll towards the opposite direction.
    Then a wagon called “excess weight” is attached to this locomotive, and then – a carriage called “heart problems” and also such wagons as “high blood pressure”, “cholesterol plaques”, “high sugar”, “shortness of breath”, and so on, there is a long list. And then you couldn’t realize that your locomotive has already gained speed and it is moving. Only in the wrong direction! And now what you need is not to get it started moving, first you have to slow it down, stop it and make it move in the opposite direction, at least to the place where you left it “on pause”.
    These ways are opposite and mutually exclusive. One leads to an active life for many years, without pharmacies, a tonometer, injections and complaints about all your sores to your peers. Another one – to a heart attack or stroke. No options. Careless attitude towards yourself and putting it away for later will not lead you to anything else.
    This is human physiology. And if you think that you are special and it will go well for you, don’t worry. It will not. Even if you live 100 years, what is the point, if the last 40 of them you will be weak, sick and need care? Are you sure you want that life?
    This is a choice between two options: short-term discomfort (training) for long-term growth, or short-term pleasures with long-term problems in the end. Which option to choose? You decide, just don’t be surprised if at the age of 62 you find yourself dead. Or worse, a stroke paralyzed half of the body. Think about it when you next time drink to health. Better get off your ass and go finally to gym!